Fuck Yeah Core Wheatley


Reblog if evil Wheatley has a nice body

"I’ll just- I’ll catch up with ya."

I miss this blog, I used to have so much fun with this blog

i’m going to hell for this

i’m going to hell for this

(I'm really glad for this blog because there are so many humanized personifications of Wheatley that sometimes it almost feels like people forgot that he started out as a lovable little Core. It's great that someone made a tumblr faithfully dedicated to core!Wheatley - imho, the purest form of him. :) Please keep doing what you are doing~)

Thank you~

That post about wheatley treating you kindly and has you stay in aperture is SOO GOOOD. Could you possible scrounngge up a fic like that? Where wheatley like pampers you and just all together loves his little human tester.

I would love that too anon oh my


once i told my fiance to stop crumbing everywhere and everyone thought i had said, uh
Why am i sexually attracted to this metallic ball?


For my fellow dorks, geeks, nerds, whatevers, who also happen to get off on a certain blue-eyed and British personality core.

Watch until the very end, I added a tiny little surprise.

Psst. That thing he does with his optic on the word ‘sheets’, that was intentional. That was very much intentional. Just thought you should know.